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" We are now boarding for at Gate K45 for Ksisha's tour around the world!"

With customized passports and boarding passes in hand, Ksisha's guest were ready to take a culinary tour around the world in celebration of her 45th birthday.

While inflight, guests were encouraged to take advantage of the complimentary snacks. (personalized Ksisha Airline branded peanuts)

Each destination provided a new taste, culture and opportunity for discovery.

Destinations included:

China- fortune cookies, Beef and Broccoli, Lo Mein

This destination would not be complete without the take out containers and chopsticks!

Caribbean: Jerk chicken, Plantains, Beef patties, Curry chicken,

American: featured American staples, Crab dip, Crab cakes, Fried chicken and more...

Mexico: Burritos, Tortilla chips

Panama: Wine meatballs and Flan

Italian: Spaghetti, Meatballs, Lasagna

Paris: Was filled with sweet treats

Passport stamps were available at each destination for guests to stamp their passports along the way.

Guests took advantage of the passport photo themed photo booth. Accessories included airline stewardess and captain hats in addition to travel themed signage.

Guests also sent postcards from around the world to the birthday girl.

At the end of the trip, guest stopped at baggage claim to collect their luggage!

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