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Welcome to Olivia's Art Studio

A Creative 5th Birthday Party for Mini Creative Geniuses

All of the preparation and detail was well worth the excited faces of the children who attended the Art Studio themed party.

Each child was provided a smock to protect their clothing.

Spilled paint cans hung on various walls identified the art stations.

The art stations included:

  • Noodle Accessories: Rainbow colored noodles and yarn to create a variety of accessories (necklaces, bracelets, etc.)

  • Paint/Color Your Own Cookie: As station with edible inks to decorate cookies

  • Coloring Station: Which included personalized coloring books

  • Window Art: A Plexiglas window with window markers

  • Sip and Paint: Canvases , Easels and Capri suns of course!

  • Face Paint: Choose your design!

  • Paint a Pet: An Assortment of Ceramic Pets for the guests to paint

Each guest was provided an Artist Portfolio to store their masterpieces for the ride home.

Personalized gable boxes were filled with art themed favors and sweet treats

Parents were provided funny glasses.. to "help them SEE the masterpieces"

Fuel for the starving artists included:

A Creative Juices station

Ice Cream Station

mouthwatering Rainbow Sweet Display

Personalized crayon chip bags (paint chips) and rice krispy treats

Van Gogh veggies and more...

See pictures/video below:

Follow the Paint Cans to the Art Stations (Station 1: Noodle Accessories)

Paint a Pet Station

Even Grandma & Grandpa came dressed to compliment the theme...


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